I usually do this on Facebook for the giggles of my friends, but as I was writing this one, it started to get very long and it didn’t make sense keeping it to the length of a typical Facebook post. So for better or worse, you all get to go with me on this long and weird journey.

This is Laura Branigan’s “Self Control” video from 1984 and it is a lot.

I haven’t done one of these in a long time but the other day, I came across this video and...let’s talk.

Laura Branigan, eighties actress, singer…and participant…

In the midst of so much happening, it is very important to get the best information and to vet where that information is coming from. It’s equally important to know that just because you’re hearing information on repeat doesn’t mean it is the truth. Nope, this is not about conspiracy theories. This is about who gets to talk.

Earlier today, FSU Coach Mike Norvell sent a statement to the Atlantic:

In his statement, he made some claims that were quickly disputed by the people for whom he was supposed to be speaking.

Here’s what I think is happening. I’m not going to dig too deep but it’s pretty clear. Let’s start with an example. A white man in Minneapolis angrily drives into a crowd of protesters. He’s beaten then arrested and freed. The governor says, No harm, no foul. He was “frustrated.”

Let me repeat that for a bit of clarity. “He was frustrated.” What in the white romper room bullshit is this? I’ve been frustrated by nonsense for a long time but I didn’t know that was cause to drive into a crowd of people with a fucking semi-truck. The upside…

I woke up this morning knowing the news was a mess but I didn’t expect to read the name of Mr. David McAtee, a local chef that fed his community now another victim of the police in my hometown. I cried, then the rage came and it isn’t leaving.

I looked to see the response of the mayor, found nothing of substance at the time but as the day wore on, well, keep reading.

I learned that Mr. McAtee’s body was still in the street, almost 12 hours after he was shot at 26th and Broadway. Yesterday’s protests were in…

I watch Vikings, too, but y’all realize that shit is on TV and you have had neither the skill or the training to do the shit y’all been doing? So first, I’m going to talk bad about you and then I’m going to bring it home a bit and ask a favor.

First we have this guy:

In Salt Lake City, he thought he would run into a protest with a bow and arrow living out the fantasy of collecting skulls like his t-shirt but got damn near brained by protesters who let him know that he was not actually…

I can’t catch my breath and not for the reason too many black folks can’t catch their breaths right now. In the midst of a virus that is disproportionately killing black people, not wanting to be outdone, the police and other folks with privilege have launched their assaults on the bodies of black people.

I’m tired. I am tired of the videos. I’m tired of memorial art with finite dates that show the span of lives cut too short. I’m exhausted with the endless rhetoric and fake outrage from politicians who have sat on corporate dollars and sold out their…

Mayor Milquetoast is at it again. Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer is the perfect example of a white liberal who parades himself as a champion of social causes and then when it is time to put policy to his speeches, he falls short, doing nothing and protecting no one but himself and his ability to elicit funds from wealthy Louisvillians.

His response to the recent protests over the murder of Breonna Taylor is just another example.

In 2018, when Louisville activists and citizens were begging him to help protect citizens during the height of Trump’s deportations and round up of immigrants…

I saw you, we all did. Waiting in line to drink cheap green beer, dancing in the streets. Y’all don’t think death is coming to your doors. Italians, much like ourselves, didn’t listen to advice and nearly 400 died there yesterday. By the time you read this, that number will be infinitely higher.

Here’s the thing, America is a young country. We don’t make the best decisions and we have a raging invincibility complex. Nothing like this ever happens here, right? For most of us, it hasn’t happened in our lifetime outside of those of us who remember the HIV/AIDS…

# PrimaryWarren? Um, America, Be more suspicious.

Cary Grant in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Suspicion”

I woke up this morning and, against my better sense, opened Twitter. I see #PrimaryWarren trending. My first thought was, “what are these idiot Republicans doing now?” Then I see alleged Bernie Supporters sharing it and supporters of other candidates pile on Bernie supporters. Most egregious to me were the media folks, sharing and blaming Bernie supporters for this hashtag.

Journalism 101 taught me to do one very important thing: Be more suspicious.

At first glance, if you believe the Bernie Bros narrative, then yes, it does appear to be a shitty ploy…

America is, as writer Sheldon Wolin calls it, an inverted totalitarian state. It suffers from the delusion of democracy, but that democracy works only for those at the top. What we knew as freedom has been bought and sold by the corporation, and we are enslaved in a medicated, techno-propaganda haze to believe we are free and that the threats are from outsiders. The outsiders see what we don’t. They don’t want to kill us: They want to kill the empire that keeps us fat, stupid and distracted. They don’t hate our way of life. …

Erica Rucker

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